April 25, 2024

Analysis of a Bitcoin transaction by market profile

First, let's analyze the trading plan before trading.

Analysis of a Bitcoin transaction by market profile

Bitcoin is trading in a flat, looking for shorts insideflat. A more detailed description on the screenshot itself.

Now the deal itself

Analysis of a Bitcoin transaction by market profile

1) On the 10-minute timeframe, the market is trading flat, trading inside the balance fromThere is a rejection of high prices according to the market profile, and at a low high we are looking for an entry point into a short position.
2) On the 1-minute TF, buyers in the uptrend are drawn in. People buy in the supply zone - stupid mistakeAnalysis of a Bitcoin transaction by market profile
At their stop losses, we will continue to fall to the opposite balance line.
3) The first pullback after breaking the minute trend is our first short entry point.
4) The next pullback in the new downtrend is the next short entry point.

Formation of a trading plan and description of entry points in rail time in a video

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