December 9, 2022

Americans will get access to digital assets at Hyosang ATMs

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Americans will get access to digital assets at Hyosang ATMs

The American representative office of the South Korean ATM manufacturer Hyosung America has entered into an agreement with the developer of the Digital Mint application to improve crypto ATMs.

The South Korean company said that itsthe American branch integrates Digital Mint services into the marketplace of applications developed for cryptomats, with the help of which you can purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

“With the help of the app store, any operatorof an ATM using a retail software platform can download DigitalMint applications so that the ATMs start creating new revenue streams for the operators and retailers they partner with,” the company said in a press release.

DigitalMint has created an API that allowsadd the services of this company for the purchase of cryptocurrencies in POS-terminals and ATMs. Hyosung America says the DigitalMint app will allow customers to buy cryptocurrencies at ATMs and cash desks across the United States:

“Any Hyosung ATM can instantlyturn into a fully functional device and gain access to a whole new universe of transactions, including paying bills, cashing checks, depositing cash, and, of course, buying cryptocurrency.”

Hyosang declares that each specificthe operator will individually decide on the connection of the service. Hyosang currently has 175,000 ATMs in the US.

According to the analytical service Coin ATMRadar, since June, the trend towards a decrease in the number of installations of new cryptomats, associated with negative events and market saturation, has stopped in the world. According to Coin ATM Radar, 87.9% of the 37,826 crypto ATMs on the planet are now located in the USA.