November 30, 2020

AMD launches graphics card designed for mining

AMD launches graphics card designed for mining

According to information published by PC Gamer, the manufacturer of the integrated microcircuit electronics AMD will release a video card,designed for mining cryptocurrency. Team Red is not expected to unveil its crypto-based GPU until the first quarter of 2021.

Rumors of AMD's return to the cryptocurrency mining niche began to spread after Linux patches with a description containing the word "blockchain" were discovered this week.

RDNA based card 1.0 is just a repurposed version of the regular Navi 10. The lack of display also indicates that it will only be used for coin mining. After massive profits from cryptocurrency hardware in 2017, AMD, along with rival Nvidia, suffered a bear market in 2018.

It's hard to say if the new graphics card will become popular with miners given how unimpressive Navi 10 was, but the card's specs could be improved.

In September, Taiwanese gaming company MSI also registered five GPUs for mining, which appears to be shaping a new trend.

Due to the emergence of super-powerful ASICs, mining is nowon the GPU is practically not used, although three years ago, video cards experienced a real boom. As you can see, we are now seeing some signs of revival.

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AMD launches graphics card designed for mining