March 31, 2023

Amazon accepts Ripple XRP via BitPay gift cards

Amazon accepts Ripple XRP via BitPay gift cards

Ripple continues to expand its use of XRP. Now cryptocurrency processing service BitPay, offering customers a wallet and gift cards, added the ability to purchase them on Amazon using XRP. This was achieved thanks to the partnership of BitPay with Ripple, Xpring.

This was announced on Twitter by the co-founder of Casheer Inc and member of the Michigan coalition of peace and freedom Tiffany Hayden.

Last October, BitPay announced a partnership with Ripple's investment division, Xpring. Then XRP was added to the list of digital currencies that BitPay works with.

However, it has now become known that starting next week the company will launch the sale of gift cards (which can be used on Amazon) using the third largest cryptocurrency - XRP.

This is another step taken by Ripple towards the massive rollout of the XRP coin. However, as we see, this news did not affect the price of the asset, and it is still trading below $ 0.25.