November 30, 2020

Almost 25,000 new addresses registered in the bitcoin network in one hour

About 25,000 new addresses were registered in the bitcoin blockchain in one hour on Wednesday, the report showsData Glassnode. The last time at these levels was in January 2018.

According to Glassnode, the hourly averageregistered addresses during the day reached the mark of 24 807. In other words, in some hours this value could be even higher. The maximum value in 24 hours was December 21, 2017 - then it exceeded 600,000.


A comparable registration rate was observed inmid-January 2018, when bitcoin was pulling back from record highs of around $ 20,000. During the current week, the value came close to them, exceeding $ 18,000.

The number of addresses is not equivalent to the number of users. It is generally recommended to use multiple addresses for better privacy. At the same time, metrics indicating the growth in the use of the Bitcoin network are considered among the factors that determine its value.

In addition, according to Glassnode, there are now 32.5 million non-zero-remainder addresses. The indicator has grown steadily since March 2018, after a sharp decline in January of the same year.


The number of active addresses is about 850,000, an increase since the end of 2019, but still below the 2017 peaks.