February 22, 2024

Alibaba adds cashback payment option in bitcoins

Alibaba adds cashback payment option in bitcoins

Affiliate program between the world's largest Internet giant Alibaba from China and the American startup Lolliopens up opportunities for retail customersfrom the USA to receive Bitcoin (BTC) as a reward for a purchase (cashback). A collaboration announcement was posted on November 11, 2019, on Bachelor’s Day, held on the Alibaba platform for 10 consecutive years.

Partnership with yourself

According to the announcement, Lolli users committingpurchases on the Alibaba online platform will be able to return up to 5% of the amount in bitcoins. At the same time, the minimum unit of cryptocurrency that can be transferred to the buyer's account is equal to the minimum fractional part of bitcoin - one Satoshi (sats) worth 0.00000001 BTC.

It is noteworthy that yesterday Alibaba installedhaving sold another record for a day in the amount of $ 38.4 billion, surpassing Amazon’s competitor from the United States in one day for the entire third quarter of 2019 ($ 35 billion).

Lolli CEO and co-founder Alex Adelman notes:

“We are pleased to partner with Alibaba inBachelor's Day, offering the opportunity to earn bitcoins for our customers. The partnership will allow you to receive free bitcoins from millions of online purchases made daily. The whole world will unite through commerce. ”

Just yesterday on the Alibaba platformOver 500 million people made purchases, which in the future may become participants in the cryptocurrency market. While cashback in bitcoin is available only to users from the US, Lolli customers.

Recall, according to the founder and one of the leaders of the financial holding HCM Capital, already in early 2020, China will acquire its own digital currency of the central bank.