January 27, 2022

Alan Greenspan: “The Central Bank does not make sense to issue its cryptocurrencies”

American economist Alan Greenspan, who previously served as head of the US Federal Reserve, believes that central banks should not develop their own cryptocurrencies.

“It makes no sense to them,” Greenspan said at the annual economic conference in Beijing.

Former chairman of the US Federal Reserve believes thatFiat currencies have a significant advantage - they are supported by faith in independent states. And no social network like Facebook can ever get such a credit of trust.

A similar point of view was expressed earlier by the currentChairman of the Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell. He said that although the Federal Reserve is monitoring the cryptocurrency market, the Central Bank is “not actively studying this issue.” Powell also sees no demand for central bank digital currencies.

The other day, the founder of the Galaxy cryptocurrency bankDigital Michael Novogratz (Michael Novogratz) said that the United States should begin to develop a state cryptocurrency, so as not to lag behind other countries in this matter.

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