October 2, 2023

Agharta hard fork passes on Ethereum Classic network

Agharta hard fork passes on Ethereum Classic network

On the morning of January 12, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network completed the Agharta hard fork. The update took place at block 9 573 000.

Hard fork went according to plan and involved about 57% of the nodes. The Ethereum Getc, Multigeth, and Besu nodes have already started synchronization.

It's been almost four years sinceEthereum Classic separated from Ethereum. Note that ETC is constantly involved in the restoration of technical ties and the community between the two blockchains. Agartha is part of a rebuilding effort with Ethereum and continues the Atlantis, Constantinople, and Petersburg update chain.

Ethereum Classic is now seekingConsolidate around the best customers - full nodes that handle network requests - similar to Ethereum. After the Agartha hard fork, the Geth Classic client is outdated, and Parity Technologies will handle about 75% of requests on the ETC network.

Currently, ETC has 1 Besu client, 80 Geth clients, 167 Geth Classic clients and 252 Parity ethereum clients, which in total gives 500 clients on the platform.