September 19, 2021

African Countries Accelerate Acceptance of Cryptocurrencies

The global adoption of the cryptocurrency is on the rise. In the last few months in Asian countries with a developing The economy has observed a significant use of digital currencies.


The AFRICA also tends to comply with these trends, showing over the last 12 months the growth is more than 1200%.

According to one of the leadingChainalsis blockchain analytics platform, African countries, such as Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania, are included in the top-20 companies of the Globals


The need for money transfers and the use of digital assets in the quality of hedging against the growing inflation played an important role in the accelerated operating mode

“One of the most important trends in Africa over the past year has become the continued growth of P2P-cryptocurrency. Why are P2P platforms so popular in Africa? "

“One of the reasons is that somecountries, such as Nigeria and Kenya, have made it difficult for customers to send money to cryptocurrency companies from their bank accounts, by using a recipe for a food service

In the last research report Crу also marks a significant jump in the total number of users of the cryptocurrency in the first half of 2021 around the world. In June 2021, their number exceeded the mark of 220 million people.

Global cryptocurrency acceptance indexChainalusis indicates that Kenya is included in the top 5 countries for the implementation of digital assets. Nigeria took 6th place, SAP, Ghana and Tanzania took 16th, 17th and 19th places. Boss topped the list of Global Crуpto Adoption Index Bietnam.

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