December 10, 2023

Africa Blockchain Institute to open blockchain school in Rwanda

Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI) said it will open Rwanda's first blockchain school in 2020 with five newcourses for local developers, industry professionals and officials.

ABI Executive Director Kayode Babarind(Kayode Babarinde) explained that the courses will be devoted to studying the basics of distributed registry technology and the use of blockchain in the corporate industry, as well as in the field of marketing and law.

Babarind noted that before opening the school inRwanda, an experimental course was conducted in Ghana to receive feedback from “students” and to know their further wishes. Based on the experience of the participants in this pilot course, the curriculum of the Rwandan school had to be reviewed and necessary changes added.

Kayode Babarind also stressed that supportNorbert Haguma, chairman of the Blockchain DLT Rwanda Association, has become a key factor in opening a school in the country, given that Rwanda is gradually providing an enabling environment for digital technology. At the same time, Babarind believes that it is necessary to promote the implementation of the blockchain not only at the local level, but also to be open to cooperation with other countries.

ABI together with the Association intend to developrecommendations for the formation of a regulatory framework for the development of blockchain on the African continent, which will reduce the incidence of fraud with cryptocurrencies.

In August, the Central Bank of Rwanda was consideringissuing its own cryptocurrency, studying the reports of regulators from other countries, and in October last year, Rwanda began to use the blockchain to track tantalum.