January 27, 2023

Afghan government uses blockchain to fight counterfeit drugs

Afghan government uses blockchain to fight counterfeit drugs

Afghan Ministry of Health intends to use Fantom startup blockchain solution to fight against fake drugs in the country. It is also planned to create an electronic registry on the blockchain. The new system will allow citizens to track information about drug products of interest.

Michael Kong, director of information technology at Fantom, commented on this collaboration:

We are happy to help improve your condition.patient health in Afghanistan. In our opinion, the fight against counterfeit pharmaceutical products and medical documents on the blockchain are an excellent explanation of what distributed ledger technology is capable of.

In confirmation of the partnership, Ferozuddin Feroz, Afghanistan's Minister of Health, said:

The use of blockchain technology by the Ministry of Health will ensure transparency, speed and efficiency of our work.

In accordance with the guidelines of the Worlda health organization (WHO) calling on countries to take action against substandard or counterfeit medicines, the Afghan government has decided to use blockchain to deal with this problem.

According to WHO, 1 out of 10 medical devicesin developing countries such as Afghanistan, certain regions in Asia and Africa are fakes, which can lead to death of consumers. This problem also applies to Ukraine and Russia.

Fantom, in turn, offers a public network,which will allow anyone to participate in the system. In turn, the Afghan government and its employees will be able to control the supply chain of medical products from the manufacturer to the consumer.