March 25, 2023

Advanced jet wings allow you to fly vertically from the ground

Advanced jet wings allow you to fly vertically from the ground

The inventor of jet wings, Yves Rossi, developed an autonomous take-off and landing system, which allowed him to rise vertically from the ground for the first time.

Previously, the launch took place in the air, and the pilot had to drop out of an airplane or a helicopter each time before starting to fly independently.

Recently, Yves Rossi, together with the Swissa team of engineers developed a self-balancing GDP system, and also installed more powerful Jetcat P550 jet engines on the wings, which provide enough traction for vertical lifting with speeds up to 180 km / h.

During an open demonstration over the lake, he was able toeasily take off and gently landed on the platform, and at the same time looked completely relaxed. However, Rossi said that landing during the second flight was a little more difficult than the first, making him a little worried.

The inventor said that he would continue to improve his system so that anyone could rise from the ground and soar in the air like a bird.

Recall that previously, Jetpack Aviationstated that it was developing a prototype of a flying Speeder motorcycle equipped with jet engines, which could reach speeds of more than 240 km / h.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: Yves Rossy