March 4, 2024

Adam Beck: “Bitcoin exchange rate could reach $ 100,000 this year”

According to Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, this year's bitcoin rate maywithease to reach $ 100,000.

Back stressed that the price of bitcoin is alreadyrepeatedly crossed the $ 10,000 mark, and just a few years ago it seemed impossible that the first cryptocurrency would reach $ 1,000. In addition, dollar inflation contributes to the growth of the bitcoin exchange rate.

“It's closer than it sounds, because popularityBitcoin is growing, as is the US dollar inflation. According to modern monetary theory, in ten years $ 1 will cost 10 cents for today's money, or even less. Bitcoin can reach $ 100,000 soon, because we have repeatedly crossed the $ 10,000 mark, and several years ago even the $ 1,000 price seemed incredible, ”said Back.

Popular cryptocurrency trader and analyst DaveThe Wave also believes that Bitcoin is ready for a new round of the bull market, within which it will reach new heights. Perhaps this will not happen this year, but at the beginning of the next, however, according to the analyst, Bitcoin clearly aimed at growth.

“Consolidation and trade within symmetricaltriangle in the first half of the year will lead to its breakthrough and resistance in an uptrend in the second half of the year. New Bitcoin price records will be at the beginning of 2021, ”Dave wrote on the social network Twitter.

In September last year, Beck expressed the opinion that the level of dominance of the first cryptocurrency could return to 90%.