February 24, 2021

About Bitcoin and its perspective.

Good evening, users of the resource. I would like to express to you my thoughts about crypto currencies possible it will save many.

1) Bitcoin has no future because of the qualitycurrency, it cannot be considered on the basis of high volatility (remember the 90 years in the Russian Federation when there were no goods on the shelves, and think about what it was connected with (the problem was that suppliers and sellers did not know how much money would cost tomorrow or during the day, therefore all supply chains stalled and a commodity vacuum formed).

2) Bitcoin is not yet regulated, but if it survives regulation, then it will lead to a possible fair value for most currencies (and someone does not know what rate Bitcoin will then have)

3) Bitcoin spawned most of the speculativecoins that are not absolutely secured in any future and they are kept only on the liquidity of the funds uploaded there (when this liquidity is withdrawn from the cryptocurrency, its value will drop to the last buyer)

4) Bitcoin is tracked even better than fiat funds and has long been no longer a way of secret movement of assets.

5) Unreasonable liquidity has always led tograndiose scams (pyramids, etc., in their essence, are always one, as long as there is money in the system and new flows they live, when money is withdrawn from the system, they collapse)

6) The dollar and US debt pyramid is backed up (by infrastructure, technology and the US military) ... what is Bitcoin backed by?

Thanks to all.