February 5, 2023

A story about how a typical smartlab user trades futures

On Binance Futures (through a Forex broker, I won't advertise which one)
I trade purely for fun out of boredom

My main income is from the forex market, since this is the most liquid market
and on it the most smooth movements that are easy to join

And what happens on binance futures and fort is hell where you can trade, except for a fan

Well, here's a video about how a typical smartlab trader trades intraday, it doesn't matter if it's a mos exchange
or binance, the meaning does not change

People get up to fierce game, absolutely not understanding technical analysis
And then they write everywhere that you can’t make money in trading

This is exactly the same as if you work as a bus driver, you decide to drive on the ball in the opposite direction towards the KAMAZ
And thus merge life in 5 minutes

Not trading is bad

There are too many stupid people here who can't work with their thoughts.

keep a notebook

Draw on charts

Keep it and make sense

And then do it all the time

And it’s just that people come up with a level of support here, I heard that it works
(At that time, Alexander Greshnik bought a new Bentley with money from the next seminar)

"If you think you've been pissed off, you're lucky
Because other people who get pissed off think they've been well trained."
Armenian Khuryam
Well, in general, Leader is a cool dude, people like him are called "dark people"
yes, they succeed in a small part of the cases, but sooner or later they find their work topics
and begin to teach trading begin to do good things for society
and become great people
If you don't experiment, you won't be able to find anything.
The main thing is not to spend your whole life in them @Amaua