May 25, 2022

A little about the crypt ... well, finally

#crypto #crisis #on the market
Finally (for me) something happened that I have been talking about and warning about for a long time, it happened the collapse of one of the stablecoins - Terra.What does this mean for those who are not in the subject? So you traded traded, and today you opened your terminal (the same Tiger Trade), and you have 90% less money on your account, although you did not open any positions. The thing is that the owners and issuers of the stablecoin scammed you, they took your bucks, promising that their terra is the same dollar, only a crypto dollar. In fact, most likely they were collecting a money pyramid, and now they are blowing it away, against the background of the fact that money in the world is leaving everywhere and they understand for sure that they will not collect more money, it’s time to throw everyone away, and soon after the reduction in the Fed’s balance sheet, there will be money even less, which can collapse half of the crypto market, and maybe more.

The first time we talked about this was in the summer of 2021, I found a post with an article about the danger of stablecoins -
True, I would like to note that Tether is stillholds up, although I doubted its “stability” for the first time back in 2019, but what difference does it make? Nothing! I am not ready to trade on such terms that tomorrow my account can simply be reset, and this can happen at any moment.
Don’t ask me anymore why I always hated crypto, just a couple of days ago I was once again written about this.