February 24, 2021

A hospital in the USA received a donation of $ 800,000 in bitcoins

In view of the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a serious economic crisis, which significantly reduced the flow of victims To non-governmental organizations, Cape Code Hospital of the State of Maccachucets has sent for cryptocurrencies and thus emphasized their use for the general public.

It is common practice that on 19 February 2021 the leadershipthe hospital Keip-Kod, which has a 102-year history and is the largest in this area, was received by e-mail, in which there is a total of

During its check, the team has provided a transfer in bitcoins (BTC) for the amount of 400,000 dollars, with this the first donation in BTC for the amount of 400,000 dollars was in the middle

Senior Vice President and Development DirectorHospital Keype Code Cryptofer Lauson described that the solution to the use of cryptocurrency was adopted in early January 2021, when one of the tools was included in the package.

Then the hospital team studied how to accept digital currencies without violating existing laws, and less than in two months this solution is profitable.