November 27, 2022

A bot that provides information from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange

Dear subscribers, we present to your attention our development
@BJackass_bot - a bot that provides information from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance
(, through the Telegram messenger, without going to the exchange itself.

The following functionality is currently available:
1) Information on each cryptocurrency that is traded on Binance (price, price change for 24 hours, max price for 24 hours, min price for 24 hours, trading volume)
2) A signal about reaching a certain price levelany token with Binance (if you don’t have time constantly at the computer and follow the cryptocurrency rate, you can set the desired price level and the bot will give a signal when this level is reached)
3) Data on the balance from the account on Binance (total balance and balance for each cryptocurrency)
To get the balance data, you need to createAPI Key [Account - API Setting - Create new Key]. It is important to understand that when creating the API Key, you need to give rights only to Read Info, so that the money in your Binance account is safe).

The functionality of the bot will not be limited to these points, as well as only information with Binance, and will actively develop!

⚡️All data from the Binance exchange is provided without delay, in real time⚡️

We want @BJackass_bot to be useful for many members of the crypto community, so we are waiting for your suggestions for improving the service.
Always connected @BJack or [email protected]

Regards, BitJackass (