June 16, 2024

$ 933 million was transferred to the Bitcoin network. Commission price - a cup of coffee

A large investor sent 112,027 BTC in a single transaction, for which he paid less than $ 4.

Bitstamp's CEO, Nake Codrix, posted on Twitter that the sender pays a fee for transferring $ 933 million in bitcoins, like for a cup of coffee.

“112,027 bitcoins ($ 933,000,000) were transferred in one transaction at the price of a cup of coffee - $ 3.89,” writes Nake Codrix.

Who carried out this transaction, Kodrichdid not specify. However, the low commission for other payments is confirmed by the BitInfoCharts resource, where Bitstamp exchange transfers are recorded. Not so long ago, the platform transferred about 107,800 BTC of its funds to the Xapo wallet, paying a fee of 0.0234 BTC - or 0.0000217%. The next transaction cost the company an even smaller amount.

After the message appeared on the networkCodrix many Twiter users noted, the first cryptocurrency is becoming a serious competitor to popular payment systems. Large investors transfer large amounts of funds in a digital coin and pay almost nothing for a commission.