January 23, 2021

7 Ways To Make Home Wi-Fi Faster

7 Ways To Make Home Wi-Fi Faster

Because of quarantine, many are stuck at home orforced to work remotely. During a period of increased workload and self-isolation, the quality of Internet connection is much more important than usual. Therefore, we looked at seven simple ways that can help improve home network performance.

Definition of basic parameters

Initially, you should find out the maximum bandwidth that you can count on at the current tariff. Next, you will need to know the actual signal parameters, such as speed Download and download, as well as ping. This can be done using various services like Speedtest. To obtain reliable data, you need to run a test on an idle device and wait for the evaluation to complete.

It should not be forgotten that the basicspeed will be shared between all connected devices. For example, while you are remotely working on a PC, your soulmate is sitting at a laptop, children are watching videos on the Internet, and their grandfather is engaged in fascinating online fishing.

For comfortable work at homepreferably a connection of at least 30 Mbps. If this is not enough, then the easiest option to increase speed is to switch to a higher tariff. In the current circumstances, you can try to discuss with management the issue of partial or full compensation for Internet costs.

Correct placement of Wi-Fi router

Although it seems a trifle, but the right locationA router can significantly affect performance. Ideally, it is advisable to place a Wi-Fi access point as close to the ceiling and the center of the apartment (or house) as possible, but away from the walls.

However, these are just general rules and, to be exactTo determine the optimal installation location of the router, you need to be guided by the signal level in those places where you usually use a laptop, tablet and other digital devices. Programs such as Network Analyzer Pro for Android and NetSpot for Windows PCs can help ensure proper placement and the best signal.

Choosing the right channel

The router sends and receives data on channels. In the 2.4 GHz band, 11 channels at 20 MHz, and 23 channels at 20 MHz at 5 GHz. When using Wi-Fi in apartment buildings, these channels may intersect and interfere with each other due to the work at the same frequencies. In this case, you need to determine the fastest option and select it.

To do this, you can determine the congestion of the channelsby scanning the local wireless space using various utilities like WifiInfoView for Windows or the Wi-Fi analyzer for Android. Switching to a cleaner channel will help improve the signal.

7 Ways To Make Home Wi-Fi Faster

Router firmware update

Bona fide equipment manufacturers alwaysupdate and improve firmware. This is partly related to security issues, but many of them also try to squeeze a little more speed out of their products this way.

Even if the manufacturer of the device usedno longer updates the firmware, then you can upgrade to an open source alternative. This generally improves Wi-Fi performance and control. However, it should be remembered that for the self-flashing of the router you need to be an experienced user.

Hardware Upgrade

Wi-Fi network speed also depends on standards,supported by the router and laptop, tablet or smartphone. Therefore, if one of the devices does not perceive the desired standard, then previous methods of increasing productivity may be useless.

To solve the problem, you will needEquipment with a modern and practical standard. The latter feature is important because, for example, Wi-Fi 6 is the new high-speed wireless standard, but many devices still do not support it. In this case, the money to purchase an expensive Wi-Fi 6 router will be wasted if none of your laptops supports it.

Setting up the router

Modern routers come with Quality of Service (QoS) settings. They allow you to determine what bandwidth a particular class of applications can use.

For example, if your working video conferenceis interrupted due to the fact that someone in the next room is watching 4K video, then using the QoS settings in the network administrator’s interface, you can prioritize the distribution of traffic in various categories.

Alternative option

You can always use a standard Ethernet switch and cables to connect equipment. Although this does not look so aesthetically pleasing, it will provide the fastest network connection.

We also recommend that you read the material on the impact of 5G and Li-Fi technologies on the world of the Internet.