July 21, 2024

$ 500 cashback at SimpleFX in October for cryptocurrency trading

$ 500 cashback at SimpleFX in October for cryptocurrency trading

In September, the US Federal Reserve not only cut interest rates, but also pumpedbanking system 278 billion dollars in the form of one-day financing. The New York Fed has already announced that it intends to continue the repurchase operation until mid-October.

This is great news for margin traders that can affect any instrument. Which in turn will bring more volatility. Gold, silver and cryptocurrency markets will not be an exception.

The European Central Bank also decided to lower the deposit rate from minus 0.4 to a record low of minus 0.5. The world banking system is entering uncharted waters, and this will affect forex.

What about oil, one of the favorite commoditiesamong SimpleFX traders? Oil markets will be even more interesting in October. In addition to long-term uncertainty about future macroeconomic trends — in simple words, when the recession comes, — There is a concentration of geopolitical tension. The regional conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia (the proxy war in Yemen) has led to many incidents that have shaped oil prices.

In the background, the Saudis are holding an IPO Saudi Arabian Oil Co., better known as Aramco.

In late July, Bitcoin fell significantly afterimpressive growth from $ 4,000 in April to nearly $ 14,000 at the end of June. These price levels have not been observed since the beginning of 2018. Altcoins repeated the trend. Ethereum rose above $ 360 on June 26, but soon began to plummet.

This means great times for the CFD traderto make a profit. October — one of the busiest months for business and trade. Make sure you are trading as efficiently as possible on your PC, laptop or mobile using the same platform.

$ 500 cashback at SimpleFX in October for cryptocurrency trading


And to make trading even more pleasant, SimpleFX during October to offer a 20% lower spread (conditions by reference). You will return all the money saved by transferring it to your account.

Make sure that your SimpleFX account is replenished and ready to work before October 1.

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