January 23, 2021

5 gift ideas for cryptocurrency lovers

5 gift ideas for cryptocurrency lovers

Buying a gift for a crypto enthusiast friend is not always an easy choice, especially if you are not one of them.

In this This article will tell you what to give a cryptocurrency lover - we have selected five excellent options.

1. Hardware wallet

First of all, the owner of a cryptocurrency needs a reliable storage. The wallet will help protect digital capital and allow you to sleep peacefully at night.

Hardware wallets are a safe and convenient waystore cryptocurrency. This is a small gadget that looks like a USB flash drive that can be connected to a computer. These wallets provide increased security and easy accessibility to coins. The three most popular wallets that will definitely suit a crypto enthusiast are Ledger Nano S, TREZOR One, Keepkey.

2. Paper wallet with cryptocurrency

The most coveted gift for any cryptomaniac isit is a digital currency. However, simply transferring crypto from wallet to wallet is not a very nice way to congratulate a loved one. You can prepare a cash gift in an envelope. Paper wallets will help with this.

There are paper wallet constructors that allow you to choose a design and print a ready-made certificate with a specified address and an access key to the coins.

3. Crypto souvenirs

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts rarely do wellGet enough sleep - market volatility makes them wake up several times a night in order to check the rates. Coffee in a bitcoin mug will help cheer up a trader and give him new strength. The market sells various souvenirs depicting different cryptocurrencies. You can find anything with these logos - a wallet, keychain, mug, pen, playing cards or decanter.

4. Clothes

A fashion accessory that can enhance anyone's stylesuit. Cufflinks, buckles or baseball caps with cryptocurrency symbols are offered to buy on many sites. A sweatshirt, socks, sweater or T-shirt with the Bitcoin logo will be the highlight of any crypto enthusiast's look.

5. Device for mining

A serious and expensive gift can bemining device. Of course, if you know which asset your loved one wants to mine. It can be a video card or GPU processor for mining altcoins, or a special ASIC miner when it comes to mining BTC.

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