September 26, 2022

$ 300 million lawsuit filed against BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange

$ 300 million lawsuit filed against BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange

American trader Frank Amato filed for HigherCalifornia State Court lawsuit against $ 300 million against BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange and its director Arthur Hayes, who also owns HDR Global Trading.

Amato says he invested $ 30 in BitMEX000 in 2015 in exchange for shares of the enterprise. However, the exchange has not yet issued securities to Frank. According to unofficial estimates, Amato's stake in BitMEX is now $ 50 million. But the trader wants to receive an additional $ 250 million from the defendant in compensation for the damage caused. Thus, the total amount of the claim is $ 300 million.

In November 2019, it became known about a data leakfrom the trading floor, which occurred due to the fault of the employees of the company. BitMEX COO Vivienne Kho reported that the company's specialists mistakenly sent users the email addresses of other traders. After some time, an unknown hacker gained control of the exchange’s account on Twitter and posted several messages on the platform wall with the following contents:

“Take your BTC and run. The last day is left to withdraw cryptocurrency. ”

The BitMEX team subsequently deleted publications andstated that the attackers could not circumvent the security system of the crypto store, therefore, nothing threatens the digital assets of users. Nevertheless, a database appeared in the darknet containing 30,000 e-mail addresses of traders, as well as BitMEX client IDs. These incidents negatively affected the site’s reputation. However, despite the decline in image, the daily trading volume on the exchange has not decreased and now reaches $ 1.6 billion.