Jul 3, 2022

25,000 stores in France will start accepting payment in bitcoins

25,000 stores in France will start accepting payment in bitcoins

Starting next year, more than 25,000 stores in France will start accepting payments in bitcoins. The news was published by one of the largest French newspapers Le Figaro. These agreements were reached thanks to the joint work of a number of digital payment companies.

East2PlayPayment and EasyWallet AnnouncePartnership with Global POS to encourage BTC adoption. Thus, the cryptocurrency will be used in 30 new franchises from the first quarter of 2020. These include Boulanger, Foot Locker, Decathlon, Conforama, Maison du Monde, Intersport, Cultura, Norauto and Sephora.

Upon purchase, bitcoins will be immediately convertedin euros, so large networks will not deal directly with cryptocurrency. However, they will be able to attract an additional number of buyers-owners of digital gold.

Global POS has dubbed the emergence of cryptocurrency economics 3.0 and in addition to BTC plans to accept other cryptocurrencies:

“Initially, the service we offer will allow us to spend only bitcoins, but our goal in the future is to expand the number of cryptocurrencies”, Said Stefan Gian, CEO and founder of Global POS.

According to last year's Le Figaro polls, about3-6% of French citizens own cryptocurrencies. However, if successful, there will be a significant increase in cryptocurrencies, especially using the Lightning Network solution, which contributes to scalability.