April 17, 2021

$ 250 million stolen from clients of Wex exchange

$ 250 million stolen from clients of Wex exchange

The $ 250 million stolen from Wex clients was found on the wallets of the exchange.

Initiative group of victims Wex users held their owninvestigation and discovered more than $ 250 million of missing funds in the platform wallets. An audit of crypto transactions helped to identify all addresses through which funds stolen from users were laundered.

All the materials received were attached to the criminal case on the fraud of the Wex founders, and transferred to the Moscow Investigative Department for further investigation.

Since 2018, the group has been investigating the activities of the exchangeWex, the assignee of BTC-e. After the redemption of BTC-e users' accounts in 2017, the platform assumed all the promissory notes, but paid only 20 percent of them. The rest of the victims were unable to receive their funds. In July 2018, the platform was reissued to the daughter of ex-DPR militant Dmitry Khavchenko (Sailor). Prior to the audit, the fate of client funds from frozen platform accounts was unknown.

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