July 21, 2024

$ 25 million in Ethereum was sent to Binance, Huobi and Kraken

More than 200 thousand coins arrived on the hot wallets of major exchanges, the developer may be involved in thisAltcoin Vitalik Buterin.

More than 204 thousand Ethereum has arrived at the hot wallets of leading trading floors, according to analytics firm ViewBase. Of these, 25 thousand ETH was transferred to Binance and about 100 thousand to Huobi. Another 89 thousand ETH were sent to Kraken, while all the coins came from one wallet. Its owner may be a member of the Ethereum development team or Vitalik Buterin himself.

“92 thousand ETH, sent today to Kraken, came from one whale, which in turn received most of the coins from Vitalik Buterin. This whale is most likely the developer of Ethereum, or is it Buterin, ”the ViewBase representatives wrote in their Twitter account.

This is not the first major translation to happen on the web.Ethereum lately. On December 16, data analyst Alex Svanevik noted that one of the early investors, having been inactive since 2015, had withdrawn 300,000 ETH from a cold wallet. Another 790 thousand coins were sent to an unknown address by the organizers of the PlusToken pyramid. If so many coins are sold, the altcoin exchange rate could plummet, said Three Arrows Capital CEO Su Zhu.

At the moment, Ethereum is trading at around $ 126.1, for 24 hours its price has decreased by 0.6%. As yesterday, the daily trading volume of the asset amounted to $ 8.05 billion.