May 15, 2021

21 million Americans already own cryptocurrencies - survey data

Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange of the Winklevoss brothers, has released the results of a survey of American investors State of U. S. Crypto. According to researchers, the number of American crypto investors should almost double in 2021.

The survey covered 3,000 American adults inbetween the ages of 18 and 65 with income of at least $ 40,000. It showed that almost two-thirds of adults in the US are interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or purchasing them soon.

63% of those surveyed are interested in cryptocurrencies - this means that they do not currently own digital currencies, but are either ready to learn more or plan to buy crypto in the near future.

Gemini analysts concluded that almost 14%of the US population - or 21.2 million adults - own cryptocurrencies. And this year there is every chance that this number will increase significantly, since about 13% of respondents shared their plans to buy cryptocurrencies in 2021:

"This is approximately 19.3 million adults - thus the number of crypto investors will double."

The survey also revealed a possible increase in the number ofwomen among cryptocurrency investors, who, according to Gemini, are currently only 26%. According to the survey, 53% of those who want to learn more about investing in cryptocurrencies are women.

“Our new study signals an important andthe long-awaited diversification of the crypto-investor base. A wider range of participants will ensure a positive long-term evolution of the market, ”says Gemini Chief Operating Officer Noah Perlman.

To help remove barriers to entrycryptocurrency market, the company will continue to provide educational materials and prioritize security and sound regulation, he added.

Mizuho Investment Company March SurveySecurities revealed that 10% of the roughly $ 400 billion in stimulus payments given to US residents can be used to buy bitcoin and stocks. According to a survey conducted by research platform Piplsay in February 2021, 25% of Americans already own cryptocurrencies, with another 27% planning to invest in cryptocurrencies this year.