December 4, 2021

16% profit in 13 days for an easy trading strategy with a small deposit.

The beginning of the topic and then the whole base Big and easy earnings based on the theory of probability
The essence of the strategies is here only in the first post

A cook earns a lot and blindly in a small insurance business at 2.5% per week

So we started working again. By a simple method that does not require any special knowledge, or a lot of capital, or a lot of time.

We just connect to the computer and to usthere is a huge queue of those who want to buy insurance and those who want to sell them. As usual in this business, again the probability of making a profit in 90% of cases worked.

OVERVIEW of the first strategy:

The conditions are met. The share rose from 422 to 423.We buy back at 76 what we sold at 216. This gives a plus of $ 140. Then, we sell at 30 what we bought at 88. This gives a minus of $ 58. From 140 we subtract 58 = 82. The previous result was 126 dollars. This means that the total profit is $ 208.


We start from 05/27/21. At a share price of $ 42054.

FIRST:You can immediately bring $ 32,000 and calmly engage in the insurance business, but you will have $ 24,000 idle. It is better to optimize and buy yourself a more comfortable house or car, and if you still need to bring additional money, then sell a comfortable car and buy a cheaper option for a while. I advise this to aggressive insurers who, in extreme cases, are ready to rent an apartment for a couple of years and sell their housing, for the sake of high income, which should be immediately or, in extreme cases, within 3-5 years.

Sell ​​blindly weekly positions with a difference of 500dollars. We first try to buy something that is approximately $ 500 below the current share price. Then we sell those that are at or below the stock price.

We will close the position at the end of the term or when the stock rises by $ 150-200 for the stock (underlying asset) and a profit of about $ 50.

A deposit of $ 8,000 for 20 attempts, and with the current volatility of attempts, there should be 80 (or about $ 32,000).

Old position:

Bought 417 puts at 88 and sold 422 puts at 216.

Expiration 16.06.21.

New position: stock at 422.12.

Bought 417 put at 123 and sold 422 put at 243.

Result: $ 208.

Deposit 8000 dollars

SECOND:Similar to the first, but here you can bring money for three attempts, as some of my friends do and as I did when I first started. The bottom line is that for three attempts we, on average, need about 1200 dollars. We find them and start insuring them.

If force majeure happens, then while we sell oura car and a house for $ 31,000 in our village and we will be renting a house for a while. Poor option. For each profit, we set aside 20% for the formation of reserves.

The result is: 208.

Deposit 1200 dollars.

THIRD: For those who want to have an average of 400-500% over 10 years.

Sell ​​blindly monthly spreads with a difference of $ 500. With a share price of $ 41,544, we finally need $ 12,000, with a 10% risk of losing them.

We close the position at the end of the expiration or when the stock rises by $ 200-300 or a profit of about $ 75 and open a new monthly spread.

Expiration 25.06.21.

Bought 415 put at 469 and sold 420 put at 633.


$ 4,000 deposit for 10 attempts

FOURTH: The same as the second, but here we bring in for three attempts and work with a monthly spread.

We close the position at the end of the expiration or when the stock rises by $ 200-300 or a profit of about $ 75 and open a new monthly spread



Deposit $ 1200 for 10 attempts.

The essence of this insurance business:
Remember when the dollar was 35 rubles?And it cost about 10 years like that. What would happen if you were constantly selling insurance, that in a month the dollar against the ruble would fall from the current price, and you yourself bought insurance, which would fall by 3 rubles? That's right, you would be very rich. Because we profit not only from the fact that the dollar is growing, but also stands still. Then the dollar jumps out at 81 rubles. We're getting richer even faster. And then 30% of all money is taken away from us, because the dollar falls from 81 to 68. But we still managed to earn a lot of money on insurance, and now, for 10 years now, we have been hanging about 73 rubles and continue to insure. And we earn a lot, but we understand that we will remain with a big plus, even if the dollar falls by 69.
And we, moreover, insure the entire US economy in this way.
Insurers can insure you for a billiondollars that aliens will not steal you and ask only $ 100 for insurance, because they understand that the likelihood of such a case is small ... So here, as an insurance company, we understand that if we have a deposit for 10 attempts, then we will in 10% of cases, and these are the risks of any grocery store or cafe. We need at least 7,500 rubles. And with the current probabilities, that's enough.
If it happens that a rare probability of 10% happens and you lose your first deposit, then you should have a cushion for another 20 attempts, if we are talking about Sberbank.
16% profit in 13 days for an easy trading strategy with a small deposit.

16% profit in 13 days for an easy trading strategy with a small deposit.

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