October 21, 2020

11 sports stars who invested in cryptocurrency

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11 sports stars who invested in cryptocurrency

Here is a list of 11 world sports superstars who have invested in digital assets and advocated for innovative technology.

The editors of the sports and news portal metaratings.tj have compiled their own list of athletes who were not afraid to understand the blockchain and have even managed to successfully invest in cryptocurrency.

Serena Williams

Perhaps the most famous professionalthe athlete currently involved in cryptocurrency is tennis player Serena Williams. Sports fans around the world know her for her numerous Grand Slam titles and her powerful playing style. In recent years, she has brought this power to the digital currency world by investing in the Coinbase exchange. This was done through her venture capital firm Serena Ventures, which provides investment to start-up or growing companies.

Lionel Messi

The best football player in the world actively participates incrypto sector by supporting Sirin Labs. This company makes operating systems based on Blockchain technology taken from cryptocurrencies. The blockchain technology, which is being developed by Sirin and supported by Messi, is being used in unique smartphones to enable secure mobile payments.


The 2005 Golden Ball winner launcheda proprietary cryptocurrency known as Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC). He positioned this project as "the common currency of the football world." It offers a betting and e-commerce platform.

Evgeny Malkin

Russian hockey player playing for AmericanPittsburgh, invested $ 4 million in a startup Mark.space, which was developing a "virtual universe" on the blockchain, that is, it was an improved version of the online game Second Life.

“The founders were so passionate about the project that I believed inteam earlier than the idea, and when I saw the prototype, all doubts disappeared. " But investing money based only on emotions is a thankless job. The project did not receive its development, the money disappeared, and now the competent authorities are dealing with all this - whether it was a fraud or just a failed startup.

Mike Tyson

In 2015, Iron Mike announced the projecttheir own bitcoin ATMs. The slogan of the project read: “The fastest knockout of Mike Tyson in the ring was 30 seconds. Mike Tyson's Bitcoin ATM can process your bitcoins in less than 20 seconds "

Floyd Mayweather

One of the greatest boxers of our time hasreputation of a person who prides himself on his wealth and is not the last person in gambling (to put it mildly). Based on his posts on social media, he is a supporter of the Stox crypto platform, and has also been involved in promoting the Centra Tech project in the recent past.

Manny Pacquiao

One of the coolest boxers of all time andpeoples are known for their aggressive style and punching power. Pacquiao is well versed in cryptocurrency and actually launched his own coin called the PAC coin. Additionally, he invested in a coin exchange service called the Global Crypto Offering Exchange.

Luis Suarez

Suarez is also into cryptocurrency, especiallyEthereum, and is actively promoting it among its millions of fans. It also supports the Stox crypto platform, which, when launched, successfully raised millions in an ICO.

Nikita Kucherov

Kucherov not only fights for the Stanley Cup, but alsoalso supports cryptocurrency. He is the ice hockey ambassador for TokenStars, a blockchain-based platform that tokenizes sports stars. Platform users make a profit if the stars they invest in through the platform become successful.

James Rodriguez

Rodriguez is seriously into cryptocurrency and evenlaunched its own JR10 token in conjunction with SelfSell. This was done not only to make more money, but also to help him connect more closely with his fans.

No one is surprised anymore if famousathletes or entire sports organizations in one way or another connect their business with cryptocurrencies. This is a global trend, and athletes are also people and are looking for interesting ways to monetize their name and reputation. With which they successfully and cope, as we pay more and more attention to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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