February 22, 2024

10 best ways to make money on cryptocurrency in 2019

There are different ways to make money in the cryptocurrency industry. At the same time, taking into account the active pace of developmentindustries, earning methods that worked a year ago, at the moment, may not be the best idea. Therefore, we decided to write about the ten best ways to earn money that are relevant for 2019.


10. Cryptocurrency games

It was popular in 2018., but today you can earn thousands of dollars by playing blockchain-based games where you can get rewards with tokens. There are pyramid games where everything depends on luck, and there are games like Huntercoin where users can collect virtual coins that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency. There are also games like CryptantCrab, where there is a market for selling in-game items for ETH.

9. Revenue sharing platforms

Revenue sharing platforms such as Steemitand Pocketnet, reward users with tokens for quality posts. These tokens have value and can be cashed out on an exchange like any other cryptocurrency. If you're already a member of discussion platforms like Reddit and write a lot, it might be a good idea to dedicate some time to the above-mentioned platforms, as the time spent can start making you money.

8. Trading with bots

One of the easiest and most passive waysmake money on cryptocurrency - the use of trading bots. Using trading bots is safe, and you can set a threshold for the size of transactions. If you already have experience in cryptocurrency trading, but you have not used trading bots, I highly recommend at least trying it.

7. Become a crypto-influencer

You can start uploading content to anyplatform and build an audience. It can be Twitter, YouTube, TradingView, etc. You can attract a sufficiently large audience if you have high-quality content that people are interested in. Having increased the audience, you can monetize it and receive money for your content. In this method, the most difficult thing is that it takes time to build an audience, and you need to work systematically.

6. Become a project consultant

Do you have a college degree? Have experience in project management? Consider joining a cryptocurrency project as a consultant or representative. You may be offered a share in the project or, if you're lucky, a monthly fee. Even if you do not have fame, experience in participating in projects may be enough to be useful. Most crypto projects consist of small teams that need any help you can get.

5. Cryptocurrency mining

Now is not 2014.when Bitcoin needed to buy expensive equipment for mining. Today you can mine cryptocurrency simply by installing the application on your phone. For example, you can download the Electroneum cloud mining application. It is enough to go into the application once every few days, and over time you will accumulate coins that have real value. You can even invite friends and receive a percentage of their income. Also, it is possible to mine by providing space on the hard drive, rather than the processing power of the GPU.

4. Find a job in the cryptocurrency field

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you cantry to find a job in this field. Sites like CryptoJobs have many vacancies for cryptocurrency developers, marketers, managers, copywriters, etc. Nowadays, many vacancies paying in cryptocurrency are also appearing on traditional freelance exchanges like FL.ru or Upwork.com.

3. Organization of conferences

Why do you think so much is being held in the worldcryptocurrency events? Because it is a machine for making money. If you are able to cover the cost of food and rent a room and properly advertise your conference, then one event can bring you a six-figure profit. To conduct a cryptocurrency conference, you need an experienced marketer and organizer, but if you have the skills to work with people and experience in organizing events, then you should think about starting with a small meeting in your region and later moving on to a full-fledged conference.

2. Search for a bounty

If you go to the "Services" section on bitcointalk.org, there you can find many posts with the title "Signature Campaign" ("advertising in signatures"). These are offers from companies wishing to promote their services or products by mentioning them in your signature on the bitcointalk forum. Although this requires a pumped account - a newbie will not work - it does not take so much time to increase the activity and rating of your account. Just create an account on bitcointalk.org and write something once a day - and in a few weeks your rating will allow you to participate in advertising campaigns in signatures.

There are also other types of bounties, such astransfers, posts in your accounts on social networks, registration of accounts, etc. All these are simple ways to earn money with a minimum of effort, you just need to spend time looking for such offers.

1. Affiliate Marketing

So, we have come to a way to make money oncryptocurrency number one - affiliate marketing. There are many offers for affiliate marketing related to the promotion of exchanges, gaming sites, cryptocurrencies, etc. You can even get $ 10 just by inviting friends to register for Coinbase. If you are truly determined, you can register your family members on different platforms and give them some of your income.

Affiliate marketing works best whenhaving a large audience, so becoming a crypto-influencer and monetizing traffic through affiliate marketing is a very reliable earning strategy.