Jul 1, 2022

Japanese traders exchange XRP and MONA for bitcoins

According to the data published on August 19The Japanese accotion of virtual and cryptoactive assets (JVCEA), in the area of ​​domination of the bitcoin relative to the altcoins on the basis of the Japanese seed.

In this case, no other token has occurredmore than 6% of the monthly trading volume. In the same month, the number of active accounts for the cryptocurrency trading in Japan increased by 1Z 987, which is a breakthrough indicator.

“It seems that with the course of time the general interestJapanese investors to altcoins decrease and switch to bitcoin, - said the market analyst of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Yuya Xacega in the Bitbank. - Taking into account the number of active accounts, which overwhelms the majority of new market participants in Japan, especially since last summer, we have been interested in bits only.

Xace analysis shows that XRP is one ofthe largest losers among the Japanese cryptotpedeurs. When altcoin consumed about 40% of the monthly volume on the cryptocurrency market in Japan, however, in the mid-April, this paid 5%. In February, bitcoin (BTC) misplaced the position of MonaCoin (MONA), but after March it took over.

According to CoinMarketCap data, from the first quarter2017 year domination of bitcoin in the whole world did not exceed 70%. At the time of the title of the article, the coin represented about 58% of the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency at $ 373, 6 billion, which is the lowest rate of 12 millimeters.