August 4, 2020

Japan has put CBDC into priority

Now the "digital yena", the future digital currency of Japan, has become the "main priority" of the country and should help you to the economic consequences of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and revive the post.

The General Director of the Bank of Japan, Takeshi Kimura, told the new edition of The Asahi Shimbun that the release and development of the digital yen is the "main starting point" for the center.

Beginning in February, high-level Japanese lawmakers have called on the government to activate research on this topic.

In this year, the country has activated research inCentral Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) area, as the Middle China and South Korea have essentially moved forward in this area. The first country is already testing the digital yuan in several applications, government centers and retail stores, and the second is to carry out the research and development of the pillows.

In the last month, the Bank of Japan performed withby the declaration that it plans to carry out a comprehensive technical and economic justification of the digital yen. Pozitsiya banka zaklyuchaetcya in tom, chto "idealnaya» CBDC dolzhna obecpechivat financovuyu doctupnoct gpazhdanam nezavicimo From THEIR mectopolozheniya or ekonomicheckogo polozheniya, cyuda zhe cleduet dobavit otcutctvie cmaptfonov.

In addition, it must work without fail during calmer disasters, such as tsunami and earthquake, which, unfortunately, is still in progress.

In June, the presenter of the rulingThe Liberal Democratic Party declared that China's global leadership in the development of CBDC could become a threat to national safety. Along with such countries as Japan and the Philippines, China may have competitors.