November 26, 2020

Japanese court orders to confiscate cryptocurrency stolen from Coincheck

The Tokyo court issued an order according to which the NEM cryptocurrency stolen from the Japanese exchange Coincheck at the beginning 2018, subject to confiscation, according to Kyodo. Prior to the seizure, the court issued a protection order for the coins.

In January 2018, hackers stole from walletsCoincheck has about 500 million NEM tokens worth $ 530 million at the exchange rate at the time. Of these, assets totaling $ 46,000 were at the disposal of 30-year-old Takayoshi Doi from Hokkaido.

According to the prosecution, he knew about the origin of the cryptocurrency, but decided to buy it on the darknet. Doi was arrested but not charged with the Coincheck hack.

Doi transferred the purchased cryptocurrency to severalexchanges; these coins are subject to confiscation. Now they are frozen and will be transferred to the state after a final decision on the detainee's case is made. Perhaps an auction will be organized to eliminate them.

The search for the organizers of the Coincheck hack continues. According to investigators, they tried to hide their tracks by distributing the cryptocurrency across multiple exchanges.