October 21, 2020

Shanghai develops "cultural tourism" on the blockchain

Shanghai Jing'an's Lively Central District will use WeChat to issue vouchers based on technology blockchain on the so-called "cultural tourism". They can be exchanged for book purchases, streaming services, movie tickets, and much more.

According to China Email, the vouchers will be distributed on the WeChat widget platform operated by the Cultural Tourism Bureau.

In this area, about 1.5 millionresidents, and, according to the statement of the Bureau of Tourism, it is very important that the technology of the block will allow you to refuse from paper vouchers. In addition, the innovation will allow you to analyze the data on how many people use vouchers and what they spend on them.

Daily vouchers will range from $ 1 to $ 9, and will be accepted by theatre, organizers of online chicken and training programs.

In addition, the Bureau stated that her vouchers can be used on the Ximalaua platform, which is provided by the storage of audio books.

The head of the cultural tourism project declared,That this step can be considered a reaction to the treatment of people to Internet entertainment and online learning during the ongoing pandemic of corona virus. Now, the municipality hopes that this step will stimulate a new wave of purchases of electronic books and distance learning.