January 26, 2021

What is bitcoin? What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is ruthless. It's like when you're at a party ... “Who's there? Oh god, this is Bitcoin! it cool!". Okay, but why do we need Bitcoin? Why do we need Bitcoin ?? I can't even believe you're asking about this, but here's why - have you ever tried to send money, for example, to your friend, let's say with 10 dollars? Well, if yes, then you probably came across a situation when with the help of a bank you spend all 50 on it!

Bro you don't like the bank, they only wantmoney. Bitcoin is not a bank. What is it? Well. It's like, one day, I would give you a couple of chickens for this cool Lamborghini, except that now this topic is computerized and it's better. You might be wondering who is running it. We all do this. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer system with no middlemen telling you what you can and cannot do. We set the rules, we control our wallets, we control the world! Ok, what should I do to get a bitcoin wallet? Never mind, anyone can create a bitcoin wallet, without providing information and without money, no personal data is needed - this is how it works. “Bitcoin is not a trust system based on proof of insecurity, but without trust it sounds bad! I want to be able to trust things. No, bad!". Trust is not good. Do you believe I didn't spit on this buter? What proof do you want now that I spat on him? Proof is better than trust and Bitcoin will prove to you that you can see every transaction ever made. And there is no super hacker who can get into your bitcoins or make new ones out of thin air, and besides, they are too busy stealing money from your credit cards. So now Bitcoin really sounds cool, right? Well, here's how transactions work:

Kostyan wants to send Bitcoin to Serega, hetakes out his 11 iPhone, looks for an earring in contacts, and while his test phone opens the Bitcoin application, with one click we do - "Send" and Boom! - Now Serega can afford Lamborghini! Oh, don't pay attention, the price just went up ... Serega can now afford two Lambo! But people continue to mine there, which will cause inflation problems. Why don't you take a step back, Mr. Smart Guy, because inflation isn't an issue. There is a certain amount of bitcoins in the world and that's it. You can turn lead into gold faster than you can make new Bitcoin. Wow, this Bitcoin is cool! But why is Bitcoin here? Oh yeah because I'm using that back room for my mining farm. It's a fun party. Next time on Token Tails, Bitcoin rescues the shelter when suddenly ...