January 29, 2023

Charles Hoskinson: Cryptocurrencies are a political movement

Charles Hoskinson: Cryptocurrencies are a political movement

Cardano (ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson has suggested that all participants in the cryptocurrency market are part of political movement.

June 5th during Hoskinson’s youtube broadcaststated that in order to change the traditional financial system, the community will have to make huge efforts. He also called on people to oppose the strengthening of regulatory measures to combat encryption and confidential networks.

During the stream, Hoskinson called cryptocurrency “a political movement”:

Cryptocurrencies are pure politics. We reinvent the concept of money. We will take control of the money from the government and we will control it ourselves.

He also noted that future applications of blockchain technology will go far beyond the financial field:

Not only money will change, everything will change. Trade will change, property rights will change, business, laws and business models will change.

Recall that last week the price of Cardano rose by 60% after the announcement of Charles Hoskinson about the imminent launch of the Shelley update.

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