April 21, 2024

Hackers transferred BTC stolen from Bitfinex in 2016 again

Twitter bot Whale Alert reported that hackers who managed to steal $72 million from Bitfinex four years agocontinue to transfer stolen funds to new wallets in chunks.

This time they made two transactions for a totalthe amount of $ 5.8 million in Bitcoin. This came despite Bitfinex's recent offer to pay up to $ 400 million to anyone who can help them connect with attackers in order to recover the stolen bitcoins. Or at least what's left of them.

The number of bitcoins stolen by hackers from the Bitfinex exchange in early August 2016 is 120,000 BTC, which at that time was about $ 72 million.

Now the hackers have transferred 473 BTC of that amount, or $ 5,843,107.

This year hackers have been actively moving partsof stolen bitcoins. Earlier it was reported that attackers transferred $ 4,975,676, followed by $ 7,006,854, and more transactions were made earlier this year.

Whale Alert also reported that another giant amount of BTC has been moved between anonymous wallets.

Some cryptokit moved 243 461 019dollars in bitcoins (19,722 BTC) for a small fee of 0.01129356 BTC - $ 138. This is a commission that no bank offers for transferring such a huge amount of funds.

In addition, banks are also far behind in terms oftransaction speed. While a Bitcoin transaction can take several hours, it would take days or a week to send such a colossal amount of money through a bank.