September 19, 2021

Facebook smart glasses will be able to give the user super hearing

Facebook smart glasses will be able to give the user super hearing

The technology being developed will amplify sounds from the source of interest, while suppressing background noise.

Facebook Research Teamintroduced a new audio technology called "super perception". Its essence lies in the fact that an electronic device will allow the user to better hear the sounds on which he concentrates his attention, while muffling other ambient noises. For example, this will allow you to clearly hear the interlocutor's speech in a crowded cafe.

According to the developers, the system consists of several microphones that pick up sounds,a program that tracks head and eye movements to determine what a person is trying to focus on, and speakers that amplify the volume of the desired channel. At the same time, the sound volume will be different for each ear, as it happens in the real world.

At the moment, the system only exists as a prototype connected to a standard eye tracking device.

In parallel, the team is also developing a systemaudio presence, which will recreate the movement of sounds in virtual and augmented reality, increasing their realism. Facebook also introduced a new ultra-thin VR headset in July.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: Facebook