August 4, 2020

Trading signals! | Everyone in the crypt! =) It's not too late at all.

Well, this is again for myself ...) Two previous posts two months and a month ago have gone nowhere. it it's very good that each of them got only two votes, and nobody is interested in crypt. This means that we will go very, very far quietly.

Many coins are fixing higher right nowkey resistances. There is no bearish engulfing, no volumes. The market accepts new prices and is ready to move on. Nothing is finished yet. It's only the beginning.

Trading signals! | Everyone in the crypt! =) It's not too late at all.

For the cue ball, the goal is 30K. The stop to take ratio is such that most traders have never seen it. Everyone who doesn’t crap on the road and close after 100 bucks will be covered in chocolate. It would be worthwhile to say “I guarantee!”, But I do not guarantee anything to anyone, but I will simply continue to sit quietly and patiently where I am already sitting with a pose for the whole cutlet.

Some coins have already been overbought and can be corrected very sharply, but then they will continue to grow. For the curious, I will decipher what is written here:
1. Ether can also be selected, but only on this very sharp correction. Overbought should be removed. I believe that we will go further 800+.
2. If the 9500 cue ball was dear to me, now it's the 11670 to take it. Cheap now =)