January 19, 2021

TOP 5 hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrencies | Review of CoolWallet, Ledger, KeepKey, Trezor

The problem of the security of crypto wallets is very acute today. Every year, attackers steal from The real breakthrough happened in 2013, when the world was bornAt its core, it was a decentralized repository for digital assets.The hardware wallet is a device, in its size and shape resembling a flash drive, equipped with a small display (in rare cases, and without such) and navigation buttons.The device provides cold storage of private keys in a strictly isolated environment.

But every year there were more and moreoptions. Today, token holders can store their assets anywhere. And in this regard, we would like to offer you the TOP 5 hardware crypto wallets that can be used by every owner of digital assets. Of course, the ranking algorithm is very simple - and the earlier the device appeared, the higher it will be in our rating.

All devices support the BIP32, 39, 44 protocols - these are generally accepted industry standards designed to make working with cryptocurrency more secure and convenient.

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