August 4, 2020

Steve Wozniak sues YouTube

Steve Wozniak sues YouTube

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak claims YouTube scammers have been using his name to conduct a fraudulent distribution of bitcoins.

According to the programmer, he did not want to solve thisquestion directly with the YouTube management, but followed the path of the "regular user". He and his assistants complained about the fraudulent videos, but received no response from the platform.

Steve Wozniak sues YouTube

In an interview with Bloomberg, Wozniak said:

Believe it or not, it started in Mayand continues to this day. Some people are angry that I did not send them their bitcoin and think that I personally cheated them. We found a huge number of such videos on the network and we started sending complaints. Hundreds, thousands of complaints. We wanted to solve this issue as ordinary users would.

Wozniak claims that YouTube's algorithms are seriously flawed, so they don't respond to fraudulent videos. He added:

The algorithm cannot figure out the fraud. Anyone who looked at these videos would say for sure - this is a hoax. But none of the YouTube employees took a look at the video, that's the problem. In addition, we cannot get a response from them. They simply do not react in any way to a problem if it arises from an ordinary user who has no leverage.

According to him, almost all large sites do not have the proper level of technical support for users, since they completely automate these processes, which is why their quality is sharply reduced.

Steve Wozniak has long been a supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Earlier, he stated that Bitcoin would become the world's currency.

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