June 7, 2023

The military-technical cooperation network is under threat of destruction

The military-technical cooperation network is under threat of destruction

There is a vulnerability in the network of the first cryptocurrency that could stop the operation of the blockchain.

ABOUT The developers have known the existence of a bug in the MTC network since 2012, but are in no hurry to fix it. The problem will not manifest itself until at least 2106.

The error is that after block 5101541it will not be possible to add a new block. By this time, the network will run out of block serial numbers. That is, in this version of the network, blocks more than 5101541 cannot be mined. Without this, it is impossible to send or extract bitcoin, and the network will simply freeze.

This vulnerability is easy to fix with technicalpoint of view by doing a hard fork. Difficulties may arise not in the technical part of fixing the bug, but in the issue of uniting the community. Making such changes to the blockchain requires a software update for every bitcoin node holder. Anyone who does not upgrade will be left with a walled-in version of bitcoin, incapable of any activity.

The history of bitcoin testifies to the negative attitude of the community towards hard forks as attempts to centrally interfere with the network.

The latest hard fork attempt, called Segwit2x, initiated by several major bitcoin companies and miners, sparked fierce controversy in 2017.

The developers hope that the upcoming change to the consensus will not cause such a split in the community, and a hard fork will be carried out to keep the network working.

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