December 2, 2023

The Bitcoin network received its own ecosystem of social tokens Alpha

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The Bitcoin network received its own ecosystem of social tokens Alpha

A double of the popular platform has appeared on the network, built on the blockchain of the first cryptocurrency.

New social token network based onBitcoin blockchain called Alpha duplicates the functionality of the well-known platform, created on the basis of Ethereum. It allows users of a competing platform to monetize their online persona and content creation using social tokens.

“Alpha is destined to become one of the leadingsocial applications dApps created on the basis of VTS. This is a completely decentralized service that does not require special permissions for trading keys and exchanging alpha calls,” the Alpha developers say.

The application was launched by the New Bitcoin teamCity, an independent group of developers of the Bitcoin ecosystem. A member of New Bitcoin City, who calls himself the founder of Alpha, describes the project as “the next big leap in the world of social finance.”

In the comments to the launch of the network it is reported thatThe Alpha technology stack is not entirely based on Bitcoin, but uses “optimistic folding” technology. The technology is a hybrid architecture of the Bitcoin blockchain with combined technologies from Polygon and the new development of Trustless Computer.

Previously, the decentralized crypto exchange Uniswap fired
employee for unlawful actions withFRENS memcoins associated with the social platform The employee reportedly embezzled more than $25,000 using a rug pull scheme.