September 21, 2023

US Senators Propose AI Bills

US Senators Propose AI Bills

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US lawmakers have proposed two new bipartisan bills focused on issues of transparency and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

On June 8, Democratic Senator Gary Peters and Republican Senators Mike Brown and James Lankford introduced the first bill that requires the government to be transparent about the use of AI.

Under this measure, governmentU.S. institutions will be required to inform the public when they use AI to interact with them, as well as a system to allow citizens to appeal any decisions made by AI.

"The federal government must showinitiative and transparency in the use of AI and ensure that decisions are not made without the participation of the person in the driver's seat,” Brown said.

The second bill was introducedDemocratic Senators Michael Bennett and Mark Warner, along with Republican Senator Todd Young, to create the official Office of Global Competition Analysis.

This new division is designed to help the US stay at the forefront of AI development.

"We cannot afford to lose ourcompetitive advantage in strategic technologies such as semiconductors, quantum computing and artificial intelligence in favor of competitors such as China,” Bennett commented.

The introduction of bills followed the announcementSenate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who called for three upcoming AI briefings to familiarize lawmakers with the technology.

AI regulations are starting to surface in discussions among legislators around the world.

Earlier this week, officials inThe United Kingdom stressed that artificial intelligence models need to be regulated, similar to those used in medicine and nuclear energy. On the same day, another UK official warned that if these models were not brought under control within the next two years, they could threaten humanity.

Meanwhile in Europe, lawmakers are finalizingwork on the European Union Law on Artificial Intelligence, which is a comprehensive set of rules for the development and implementation of generative AI.

European regulators have taken a similarly urgent approach to regulating AI, most recently saying they are considering mandatory labeling of all AI-generated content.

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