June 7, 2023

Ron DeSantis: "In the event of the launch of a digital dollar, it will be banned in Florida"

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Ron DeSantis: "In the event of the launch of a digital dollar, it will be banned in Florida"

The Governor of the US state of Florida, Ron DeSantis, said that if the US Federal Reserve System (FRS) launches its own digital currency, then it will be banned in the state of Florida.

During a recent performance in the cityJacksonville Governor Ron DeSantis has again called for a ban on central bank digital currencies. He signed a bill aimed at challenging the US government's environmental and social governance (ESG) standards. The bill prohibits the use of Florida's budget for ESG investments. In addition to criticizing these standards, DeSantis has spoken out against the introduction of a digital dollar and expressed support for cryptocurrencies.

“The danger of the digital dollar is thatthat the government wants to make it the only currency to get rid of crypto assets. The authorities don’t like cryptocurrencies because they can’t control them, so their goal is to move everyone to the digital currency of the central bank,” DeSantis said.

The Governor added that if the Fed or Treasury allif they try to introduce a digital dollar unilaterally, it will be banned in Florida. This will give local residents guarantees of their financial independence and the absence of surveillance by the state, which seeks to be aware of every transaction. In March, DeSantis introduced a bill to ban the digital dollar from the state in order to preserve the privacy of citizens.

DeSantis' point of view is shared by Republican Ted Cruz. He believes that the digital dollar will stifle the financial freedom of Americans and hinder the adoption of bitcoin.