June 7, 2023

Ron DeSantis: "Bitcoin will be at risk if Biden is re-elected"

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Ron DeSantis: "Bitcoin will be at risk if Biden is re-elected"

Florida Governor and US presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, in a conversation with Elon Musk, said that if President Biden is re-elected, bitcoin will be at risk.

Ron DeSantis stated thatsupports bitcoin, as the first cryptocurrency represents civil liberties. And the fact that the Biden administration is trying to limit and control bitcoin is an excess of the government.

“You have all the rights to use bitcoin.The only reason Washington doesn't like bitcoin is because they don't control it. Bitcoin is a threat to their power, so they are trying to regulate it and even destroy it,” said the US presidential candidate.

The Governor of Florida said that if the currentIf the policy of the authorities continues, then Congress will definitely try to ban “things like bitcoin”. DeSantis said he would "vehemently oppose" such laws. But if Biden is re-elected, then there is a possibility that the US authorities will be able to harm or even destroy the first cryptocurrency.

“The current regime clearly wants to eliminate bitcoin. And if all this goes on for another 4 years, they will probably eventually kill BTC,” the politician believes.

Ron DeSantis also opposed the launchstate digital currency and said that if he became president, he would never approve such a project. He emphasized that the CBDC will become another means of controlling citizens, which is why he is against the launch of state cryptocurrencies.

Recall that in mid-May, Ron DeSantis signed a law banning the use of the digital dollar in Florida.