June 7, 2023

Robert Kiyosaki: "The US is bankrupt and salvation is only in bitcoin"

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Robert Kiyosaki: "The US is bankrupt and salvation is only in bitcoin"

The American economist, author of the bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, again predicted a US default and urged all Americans to buy bitcoins to save their savings.

Robert Kiyosaki announced histwitter followers that the US economy is deteriorating and public debt continues to rise. Despite the fact that now there is a discussion of raising the national debt ceiling, the economist does not see anything good in this:

“Politicians are discussing an increase in the level of public debt withcurrent $30 trillion. It all looks like a bad comedy, some kind of Japanese kabuki theatre. The fact is that the US is bankrupt. Unsecured social obligations amount to $250 trillion. Derivatives in the financial market are valued at quadrillions of dollars… What kind of nonsense is this? Buy gold, silver and bitcoin!

Kiyosaki constantly voices support for bitcoinand predicts the collapse of the American economy. Back in 2020, when the US government printed over $6 trillion amid the coronavirus pandemic, the economist spoke of the need to invest in more secure assets. The last time the economist called
to invest everyone in bitcoin, explaining this by the imminent destruction of the US financial system.