April 21, 2021

IOTA developers announced the imminent launch of the Coordicide test network

The developers of the IOTA project, focused on the use of blockchain in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), announced the imminent launch of an open test network of the Coordicide protocol, known as IOTA 2.0.

IOTA executives say they are working onimportant updates that will take the network to a new level. The launch of the Coordicide test network will take place earlier than planned, as the new version of GoShimmer v.02.0 is almost ready.

IOTA Foundation Senior Researcher AngeloKapossele (Angelo Capossele) wrote on Twitter that Coordicide aims to decentralize IOTA, and thanks to the new integration of Grafana and Prometheus, the protocol will replace the centralized coordinator node in the network. Previously, Coordicide was integrated into the February update of IOTA 0.1.x. as an internal alpha network.

The update will work using the newconsensus model "Parallel Reality-Based Ledger State", working on the principle of parallel reality. Hans Moog, an IOTA Foundation software developer, explained that there might be minor defects in the Coordicide test network that need to be improved. However, it will allow not only collecting metrics in real time, but also significantly accelerating the iteration between updates.

Earlier this month, the IOTA Foundation launched a newHornet software version v.0.4.0 for node operators, resulting in network bandwidth increased up to 20 times. In addition, in May, IOTA began collaborating with German developer Pickert to test Tangle technology in defect-free manufacturing.