April 21, 2021

Reflection at your leisure, about Bitcoin and not only, from the cycle: Bari nonsense. ((Come on a visit who has a desire to exchange your 5 kopecks.

Soon, everyone will voluntarily and compulsorily be transferred to the crypt, but so far many have not yet talked about it guess, it is pumped and improved withall sides. After all, the main flaw was in the consumption of a huge amount of electricity, and mining created a threat of the greenhouse effect, violating the ecological balance in the future, but I think that in this direction, something has been improved and now mining will move to a more comfortable level, where there will be less costs and the generated heat, possibly more advanced coolers.

Well, can you imagine, if a quarter of the planet will be engaged in mining, build farms all over the world, what kind of "greenhouse effect" will be created? This is a disadvantage for future mining.
And it also greatly impeded investors, thisthe safety of the "overwhelmingly acquired crypt", but here, too, during the correction, there were significant improvements, such as "flash banks" and all that, and the speed of reading and encoding transactions was reduced to a second, if I did not forget. Well, that is, every second the code or cipher changes, I do not understand this, because I am a “simple man in the street”. Therefore, even the "super-duper" specialists will not be able, not to track, not harm, not crap ... the cue ball.

This is not at all what it was with the dot-coms, therethe bubble really blew, which is why it burned out so quickly. But bitcoin, firstly: it took a long time to gain fuel, quickly took off, and then went into a long correction. "Dummies" after the hype plummet and die, but with bitcoin everything is different.
This means that this venture has potential. So the guys spent the money they earned on corrections to improve the cue ball.

1) Pay attention also to such a moment, every two years, the cue ball added zero, somewhere a little earlier, a little later.
2) Alternative to oil - electric motors and solar panels, where the leader is Tesla,
3) an alternative to fiat money is a digital currency, possibly bitcoin,
4) Musk is considered one of the five contenders of the creators of bitcoin,
he is a genius programmer and perfectly knows higher mathematics, this is what I remember, there he still has some moments.

My conclusion is this: Tesla and Bitcoin may have a relationship with each other.
Yes, the loss of peeling transactions is like hitting belowbelts for bankers, so they are stirring up something, trying to slow down the process, but the "pandora's box" was still opened then, in mid-2009, half a year later, when the world's largest mortgage bank Lemen Brothers went bankrupt, and an anonymous letter came to the mail of this bank from allegedly Satoshi Nakomora, with a detailed description of bitcoin, its code and all that, I am not an expert in this matter, but I think that the guys did not disregard that letter, because after another half a year appeared on the Bitcoin exchange, and then all the others, As the mushrooms began to grow, I just remember that I write on the go, so to speak, without preparation. If there are errors somewhere, I will correct them.

Well, in Rodi I would like to say everything in support of Bitcoin.
I wanted to buy it for another $ 750, but I never bought it, I didn't believe in it, but now I understand that I was wrong then, and now there is no desire or opportunity to buy it at all, like gold for 2000.
These are my thoughts, guys, all the best.