September 19, 2021

The Colombian government provides training in financial literacy

The Colombian Government has decided to finance a new app, a natural game and a book for teaching children and young people investments in cryptocurrencies and the stock market.The game was proposed by Genri Jean Belacque in response to the government's call for the development of innovative projects that could improve the finances of the budget.


How has Belacquec described, a game dubbed "B Coin: Learn to Invest in the Stock Market" mimics the retail trading experience:

"The user immediately starts investing and competing with two more players ... and must interpret the movements of the stock market in order to buy and sell water."

“The player can buy stocks, cryptocurrencies, goods and trade them on the foreign exchange markets. Each asset has a specific trend, which is easy to interpret. "

The government's call for innovation was made in the framework of the CREA Digital Call 2021 program, launched by the Ministries of Culture and Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia.

Become a finalist, Belackes will receive 119 millionpesco (approximately $ Z1,000) and in November will provide the converted version of the game provided by it in the form of a graphical ROM for Windows and Android. From December, B Coin will be distributed through popular app stores.

“We are improving the graphic and pedagogical aspects of the project. Thanks to the creative concept, we decided to turn it into a graphical memory, so that it would be easier to use, ”- explained Belackec.

In addition to the new version by March 2022, a native game and a book will be released.

Belackec conducted his own research, whichIt has shown that only 1% of Colombian schools are economical. This also gave it to the creation of B Coin, which will allow you to better understand the economy and the operation of the financial system.

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